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Raja, 56, son of late Hari S Dasgupta, passed the Senior Cambridge Examination from Calcutta Boys’ School, in Raja dasgupta1970, and graduated from Delhi University, with Honours in Economics, in 1974. His debut documentary film A Song for Birsa (35mm; B&W) won the Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Award for Best Documentary in 1979 and was screened at Mannheim Film Festival, Germany, in 1980. Raja is a member of Steering Committee of International Film Festivals of India and member of Executive Council & General Body of Children’s Film Society of India.

Raja is married to the well known Bengali actress Chaitali Dasgupta and their elder son Birsa Dasgupta is a young and upcoming Bengali film maker. Their younger son, Ribhu Dasgupta is also getting to shoot his first feature film, "Michael".

You can read an email-interview with Raja Dasgupta (June 2009). You can also read an interview about his TV film Utshober Din (2008).

Job Experience

  • Film Executive with Hindustan Thompson Associates, Calcutta (1978-82)
  • Manager, Film & Video, with Response India Limited, Calcutta (1984-85)


  • Raja dasguptaWorked as Cameraman and Associate Director to his late father Hari S Dasgupta from 1976 to 1982 on all his documentaries (35mm)
  • Directed and Photographed Acharya Nandalal (1983) for Govt of West Bengal (35mm)
  • Produced and Directed Paschimbanglar Purakirti (1985) for Govt of West Bengal (35mm)
  • Directed Tagore’s Dream : Our Dream (1988) for National Network, Doordarshan
  • Produced and Directed Masnad-e-Bangal (1991) for Victoria Memorial Hall
  • Produced and Directed The Wonder that is Sikkim (1993) for Indian Museum and International Council of Museums

Picture Birsa and Chaitali Dasguptaon the right: Raja's wife and well known Bengali actress, Chaitali Dasgupta and their son and upcoming Bengali young director, Birsa Dasgupta. (Picture curtsey Kolkatta Curry blog).

Television Serials

  • Directed 2 episodes of the Doordarshan National Network serial Stri (1987). Produced by Sridhar Ksirsagar (Bombay).
  • Directed some episodes of short story serials Samparka (1986), Raag Anuraag (1987) and Kono Ek Gayer Bodhu (1988 & 1992) for Calcutta Doordarshan.
  • Produced and Directed A Day in the Life of a Celebrity (1988) for Calcutta Doordarshan.
  • Produced and Directed Manusher Mukh (1988) for Calcutta Doordarshan.
  • Directed Funny Folk (1990) for Morning Transmission of Doordarshan National Network.
  • Directed Kaalpurush (1990) for Calcutta Doordarshan, for which he won the Aajkaal Television Award for Best Director. (Picture left - Ribhu Dasgupta, picture curtsey Telegraph, 1 August 2009)
  • Directed Ladies’ Hostel (1991) for Calcutta Doordarshan.
  • Produced and Directed Sondamati Nonajal (1992) for Calcutta Doordarshan.
  • Ribhu DasguptaDirected Goopir Gupta Khata (1994) for Calcutta Doordarshan.
  • Produced and Directed Chokh (1995) for Calcutta Doordarshan.
  • Directed Ekushe Pa (1995) for Zee Bangla.
  • Directed Podipishir Bormibaksho (1996) for Calcutta Doordarshan.
  • Directed Jungle ki Gehrai Mein (1997) for Doordarshan National Network.
  • Produced and Directed Swapnoneel (2000) for Alpha Bangla.
  • Produced and Directed Tarakar Ekdin (2000) for ETV Bangla.
  • Produced and Directed Mainak Upakhyan (2001) for ETV Bangla.
  • Directed 4 Tagore stories in Galpoguchchho (2001-2003) for ETV Bangla.
  • Directed 11 music videos of Geetanjali Series (2007) for Doordarshan National Network.


  • Produced & Directed Mukhguli (45 min) for Calcutta Doordarshan (1993).
  • Directed Asatyakam (90 min) for National Network, Doordarshan (1995).
  • Directed Srot (90 min) for Akash Bangla (2001).
  • Directed Doka (100 min) for ETV Bangla (2002).
  • Directed Moho (100 min) for ETV Bangla (2002).
  • Directed Anya Nakshi (100 min) for ETV Bangla (2002).
  • Directed Valentine’s Day (100 min) for ETV Bangla (2003).
  • Directed Rangbadal (90 min) for Alpha Bangla (2003).
  • Directed Tiktiki (152 min) for Tara Bangla (2003). It had Soumitra Chatterjee, the doyen of Bangla Film Industry.
  • Directed Rastata Jekhane Shesh (90 min) for Alpha Bangla (2003).
  • Directed Impro (85 min) for Tara Bangla (2004).
  • Directed Saswati (85 min) for Tara Bangla (2005).
  • Directed Bus Stop-e Teen Minute (45 min) for Akash Bangla (2008).
  • Directed Utshober Din (75 min) for Tara Bangla (2008).

Cinema / Television Commercials & Corporate Films

  • For ITC, HMV, CESC, Ramtech Industries, Bharat Biscuits, DPS Software, Sunrise Spices, Dhunseri Tea, Hindustan National Glass and Hutch.
  • Star Cigarettes and Maya Contraceptive Pills for Bitopi Advertising in Bangladesh (1984).
  • Asian Paints Shiromani Purashkar Videos (1993-1997).

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