Alka Saraogi Presenting some Indian writers that I like

Alka Saraogi came to the Hindi literary scene relatively recently. Born in a Marwari family in Calcutta in 1960, she did her PhD in Hindi literature on the works of Hindi writer Raghubir Sahay. Her first story was published in 1991 and Alka Saraogithe first collection of short stories Kahani ki talash mein (In search of a story) was published in 1996, followed by her first novel Kalikatha: Via Bypass in 1998.

Kalikatha received the Shrikant Verma award in 1998 and the national Sahitya Kala Akademi award in 2001. Kalikatha is about Kishore babu and four generations of his family, tracing the human stories of hopes and pains behind the emigration of Marwari community from the deserts in Rajasthan in North-western part of India to Calcutta in the East, under the British colonial rule. Against such a wide canvas, with broad brush strokes, the story touches the changes in the society and the struggle against British colonial rule, through lives of individuals. This book has already been translated in many languages including English (translated by Alka herself), French, Italian and Urdu.

Another book of short stories, Doosri Kahani (The second story) was published in 2000 while the second novel "Shesh Kadambari" came out in 2001.

Her third novel, Koi Baat Nahin (It does not matter) came out in 2004. The book's main character is Shashank, an adolescent boy with a disability and the book is an exploration of his worlds, both inner and external.

Alka is married and has two children and lives in Calcutta.