Mother A forgotten poem by Sunil Deepak

I don't remember writing this poem. After my mother's death, I found it among her papers, and it is in my handwriting. My sister says that I wrote it, I am not so sure. I could have copied it from some where, even if the way it is written, it doesn't look copied! But how I could I forget writing something like this?

I hate you as much as I love you

tied to you

through the umblical cord

a prisoner

of your tastes, your desires, your thoughts

chained by

your words, your love, your tears

to escape doesn't matter

because I know

even away from you

I will search your eyes

in the eyes of every woman

that I will meet

and every breast will

make me remember you, always.

Every caress will bring me back to you.

I, your child

for you will always be a child

and do you know

when I am angry and want to assert

my independence

I still speak the words which you had taught to me

hate, the other face of love

I hate you as much as I love you