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Below you will find some research articles and reports by Dr Sunil Deepak. All the documents are in PDF format and are organised in chronological order (from most recent to the older).

Dr Sunil Deepak has an experience of over three decades in training of community workers, and in quantitative, qualitative and emancipatory research in Asia, Africa and Latin America in the areas of CBR, DPOs, leprosy and community health. He is happy to collaborate free of cost with small local NGOs and grassroots organisations in Hindi, English & Portuguese speaking countries.

He is also available for short-term assignments related to programme evaluation and documentation; training, especially of grassroots workers and paramedical personnel; and, qualitative & quantitative research.

He can be contacted by email at - sunil.deepak(at) 

Thesis: Man, Woman or Disabled: Disability and the Barriers to Sexuality

This thesis was prepared for a masters degree in sociology in Disability Studies at Leeds University (UK).

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