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Kalpana.it is a trilingual website in English, Hindi and Italian. It is a mix of personal web-pages and a webzine. It was created mainly between 2001 to 2017. I am Dr. Sunil Deepak, the person responsible for making this website. I am based in Schio (VI) in the north-east of Italy. I am no longer updating Kalpana.it very frequently. For my more recent articles, you can check Sunil's Blog (opens in a new window).

If you are looking for any specific information about Kalpana.it, you can write to me at - sunil.deepak@gmail.com

In this website, there are no cookies and no information is collected regarding the visitors. All the contents published in this website belong to the authors - for using that content, you need to directly contact the authors. On the other hand, feel free to download, copy and share all the content prepared by me (Dr. Sunil Deepak). If you are in doubt about the author of the specific content, you can write to me at - sunil.deepak@gmail.com

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Index of the English Section of Kalapana.it

Under the English section of Kalpana.it you will the find the following articles, pictures and wallpapers:

1. Documentary Film-Makers: Arun Chadha, Mukul Kishore, Parvez Imam, Raja Dasgupta & Wajahat Kazmi

2. Documentary Film-Festivals: Mondovisioni 2014, Trans-sexual Film Festival 2014

3. Some Articles of Sunil Deepak about films

4. Writings of: Om Prakash Deepak, Sunil Deepak, Archana Varma, Jugnu Shardey, Madhu Kamath, Margaret Skinner, Pyoli Swatija, Ranjana Srivastav, and Introduction about some Indian writers

5. Art, Theatre & Music: Amita Deepak, Anita Dube, Nicola Zamboni-Sara Bolzani, Ashwini Bhide Deshpandey, Bitrishki Babi

6. Images & Wallpapers: Images from different countries and Free Wallpapers. All my images on Kalpana.it can be copied and used freely for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to have them in higher resolution, free of cost, write to sunil.deepak@gmail.com and I will send them to you. For commercial use of my images, if you can, I might ask you to donate something to some voluntary organisation. From my travels around the world, I have thousands of more images which are not part of this archive. Therefore, if you are looking for something specific, write to me. If I can, I am happy to help.

7. Others: Indian and Bangla associations of Bologna

Final Comments: As mentioned above, all the articles and information presented on Kalpana.it are from the period 2001 to 2017, though 99% of it is older than 2014. After 2017, I do an occasional update of some pages, but most information on this website is old and is not updated.

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