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About Kalpana

Kalpana.it is a completely non-commercial website, it has no cookies, no ads, no information collection about its users. If you see/find something on Kalpana.it, which should not be there, please do send me an email at: sunil.deepak(at)gmail.com (replace (at) with @ in the email address).

The word Kalpana comes from Hindi and means imagination. It started as a small personal webpage called Srijan in 2001, found its present address as Kalpana in 2005 and over the years has grown in its present form. It is a hand-coded website designed in HTML and CSS. It has been redesigned a few times, the last time in early 2023. It is managed by Dr. Sunil Deepak, Schio (VI), Italy.

The main motivation for setting up this website was to share Sunil's father's (Om Prakash Deepak's) writings, who had died young - he was a writer, translator and journalist, closely associated with the socialist movement in India.

Over the years, Kalpana has grown to present other works including those by Sunil's extended family and friends.

Feel free to copy and share all articles and images credited to Dr Sunil Deepak on this website. The copyright of materials credited to other persons whose works are presented on Kalpana belongs to them.

About Dr. Sunil Deepak (Updated in April 2023)

My name is Sunil. I am originally from India and live in Schio (VI) in the north-east of Italy. I am responsible of the creation, design and running of this trilingual webzine.

Sunil's Professional Life

I am a retired medical doctor and my professional areas of expertise are leprosy, primary health care, community health, community-based rehabilitation (CBR), leprosy control and rehabilitation and Community Emancipatory Research (CER). For almost four decades, I have worked at an international voluntary organisation engaged in health care and rehabilitation based in Bologna, Italy (AIFO). Over the years I have also worked with different U.N. organizations especially the World Health Organization (WHO) and many NGOs.

In 2014, I was in Guwahati (India) for a couple of years. Since late 2016, I am back in Italy but try to spend a few months in India every year. I continue to collaborate with AIFO as a volunteer.

Now, formally retired, I am happy to mentor and support individuals and organisations interested in emancipatory research and community researches. I also hope to devote some time to preparation of learning materials on emancipatory research and community research in Hindi. You can read or download some of my professional reports, research articles and publications (mostly in English and PDF format) from the list at the bottom of this page.

Passions and Interests

During 2021-22, while being closed at home due to Covid-19, I rediscovered an old passion - writing fiction in Hindi. In early 2023, I have completed my first Hindi novel, for which I am looking for a publisher. I am also working on my second book in Hindi. I have been trying to write these books since 2001 - there are 3 stories in my mind, I call them my "Amar Akbar Anthony" trilogy because all of them have lost mothers or fathers or brothers, just like the Manmohan Desai film. I am glad that finally I have been able to complete the first of these books, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I may finish writing all three of them. If you are a publisher and want to read it, do contact me.

Since 2004-05, I am also active as a blogger and I have 4 blogs -

(1) An English blog caled Arre Kya Baat Hai

(2) A Hindi blog called Jo Na Keh Sake

(3) An Italian blog called Awaragi

A recipe blog in Italian called Curcuma e Zenzero.

I like art, history, dance, drama and all kinds of cultural events. I also love going around on my bicycle.

You can also contact me through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, Academia and Research Gate.

Sunil's Professional Publications

Below you will find some research articles and reports by Dr Sunil Deepak. All the documents are in PDF format and are organised in chronological order (from most recent to the older).

The papers provided below are sub-divided into 3 categories - CBR/CBID, Emancipatory Research and Leprosy.

Dr Deepak can be contacted by email at - sunil.deepak(at)gmail.com

Disability and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Emancipatory Research



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