PaperMade Art Biennales of Schio By Dr. Sunil Deepak, Schio, Italy

Schio is a tiny town located at the foothills of Pasubio mountain in the Alps in north-east of Italy. It comes under the province of Vicenza, around 25 km away. It is around 100 kms from Venice. Culturally, it is a vibrant town and among other things, is known for its International Art Biennale called PaperMade and focusing on Paper-art, which was started in 2013-14.

Schio's Art Biennale starts in late autumn and continues till early spring. So far, I have missed one of the Schio Art Biennales - the one held in 2015-16, as I was working in India in that period.

So far, all the Schio Art Biennales have been curated by Valeria Bertisina. The following articles present my favourite works and installations from the Schio Biennales:

(1) Schio Art Biennale PaperMade 1 (2013-14)

(2) Schio Art Biennale PaperMade 3 (2017-18)

(3) Schio Art Biennale PaperMade 4 (2019-20)

(3) Schio Art Biennale PaperMade 4 (2021-22)


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