Archana Verma Writer & Poet Translations from Hindi

Archana Sinha Verma was a poet and writer, writing in Hindi. An MA in Hindi from Allahabad University, Archana taught Hindi at Miranda College (Delhi University). She was also associated with different TV programmes related to Hindi literature on Indian national TV channel, Doordarshan.

Over a long period she was also associated with the famous Hindi literary magazine called Hans, as its Associate Editor. Over past few years, she is also associated with another Hindi magazine called Kathadesh.

Some of Archana's poems (translated from Hindi to English by Sunil Deepak) are presented below.

Some Poems of Archana Varma


Standing in the middle of the bridge

I had seen the velocity of the current

not the edges

that the bridge had ostensibly linked

Fast-running water continuously

was cutting the edges

wideness was expanding

>bridge was a joke of its attempt

or maybe an insult to the running water

Before going across

she had burnt her boats

but stopping on the bridge

was not an alternative.

It is not necessary that

journey is from this to that side,

it can be from

this end of the current to that end

It was not necessary

that to save myself from the water I needed

a boat

with the flow my own body

could have been

a boat.



keep the storm outside

after shutting windows and doors


that I am

closed inside.


With mother’s image on the face

in thoughts

father’s shadow

and on shoulders

burden of

both their combined dreams

he went down the stairs.

In front was sky.

When, how, whichever he wished

to choose

he was free.


It was a net

and I

was not water

that I could escape.

It was a deception

that for escaping from myself

together with

many other sculptures

inside myself

I had sculpted.


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