Dr. Sunil Deepak An Intro to Writings of Dr Sunil Deepak

Dr Sunil Deepak is a doctor, researcher, trainer and an author from India and is based in Schio in north-east of Italy. He has designed and created the Kalpana Website, which started as Srijan in 2002-03 and became Kalpana in 2005-06. In 2023, Sunil has just completed his first fiction book in Hindi and is hoping to publish it soon. In the meantime, he is already working on his second fiction book in Hindi.

Sunil Deepak's Writings

You can read his writings in his blogs:

(01) English blog Arre Kya Baat Hai

(02) Italian Blog Awargi

(03) Hindi Blog Jo Na Keh Sake

You can also download many of Sunil's professional writings including reports, scientific articles and books (in PDF format).

Finally, you can contact Sunil through Facebook or Twitter or write an email to Dr Sunil Deepak at: sunil.deepak(at)gmail.com (substitute (at) with @ in the email address).


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