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Sunil DeepakHello, I am Sunil, and I am responsible for this website, You can read more about me here. You can also check my facebook page and Twitter page. You can write to me at: sunil.deepak(at)

This page presents some of my writings. For more recent writings in English you can take a look at my blog - Arre Kya Baat Hai.

Professional and Scientific Articles

I am a doctor, researcher and trainer with major interests in two areas - (1) Disability and rehabilitation and (2) Leprosy. In addition, I am interested in research related to human sexuality, empowerment, violence and abuse including sexual abuse, and elderly persons. You can also take a look at some of my recent professional articles, publications and reports related to these themes.

Articles About North-East of India

In December 2015, I came to live in Guwahati, the capital of Assam state in the north-eastern region of India. I am planning to live here for the next few years. Thus, I am hoping to write a series of articles about life, culture, arts and nature in this part of India. Check the list of all my articles on this theme.

Articles About Bologna, Italy

I have lived in Bologna (Italy) for about 25 years. Here are some of my articles related to this city.

Index of Other Articles by Sunil

These are some of my articles on other themes. For a more updated view of my articles on different themes, take a look at my English blog Arre Kya Baat Hai.


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