Lovely Villa A Film by Rohan Shivkumar and Avijit Mukul Kishore (2019)

Lovely Villa — Architecture as Autobiography, a 30-minute film directed by Mumbai-based architect and urban designer Rohan Shivkumar and filmmaker-cinematographer Avijit Mukul Kishore, is a conversation around Correa’s LIC Colony in the coastal suburb of Borivali, a housing project in the early ’70s in Mumbai. It stages the quotidian rituals of life, of kneading relationships and the memory of home. Through old photographs, drawings, film clips, and a rather personal narrative, it weaves in the larger imagination of the city and state. Shivkumar dwells on the “home as a witness”, where between whispers and embrace lie the infinite moments of life. Read the full article by Shiny Varghese, in Indian Express, 30 May 2019

Still from Lovely Villa


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