TRUE PICTURE OF THE SITUATION IN KERALA (a rejoinder) A Comment By Om Prakash Deepak

Booklet Published by the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee: 86 pp. (cost: 25 Paise), Comment Published in Mankind, year 19..?

To any one who has some knowledge of political conditions in the country, and who is neither a Communist nor a Congressman, the two pamphlets will make amusing reading. For here one finds Communists and Congressmen in their usual relationship, with their roles reversed. In its bureaucratic, legalistic, “law and order above everything” attitude, and the frequent use of vague and meaningless phrases like disturbance, provocation. hooliganism etc. against opposition movements, the Kerala Government publication can match any thing from Mr G. B. Pant or Mr Sampurnanand though, perhaps, it will fall a little short of Mr Morarji Desai’s stature.

The Congress pamphlet similarly can stand comparison with anything brought out by the Communists about the Tebhaga movement in West Bengal and the Telangana movement in Andhra. If the Communists are a little better in the use of invective, Kerala Congressmen make up the difference with their vociferousness and of course they have the entire press of the country to back them.

To me taking into consideration their role in the rest of the country also, it appears that their bellicosity hides an essential affinity of attitudes and interests.


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