Mondovisioni 2014 - International Documentary Film Festival Organized by Sfera Cubica, Kinodromo and Locomotiv Club, Bologna, Italy January-April 2014

Poster Mondovisioni 2014International documentary film festival "Mondovisioni" (Documentaries of "Internazionale" in collaboration with CineAgenzia) was held at cinema Kinodromo - Cinema Europa, Via Pietralata in Bologna (Italy) from January to April 2014. All the film were in original language with Italian subtitles. The festival was organized by Sfera Cubica, Kinodromo, Locomotiv club and Quartiere Saragozza.

Here is the festival programme:

  • Tuesday 21 January - God loves Uganda
  • Monday 3 February - Terms and conditions may apply
  • Tuesday 18 February - Fire in the blood
  • Monday 3 March - (Un)Limited
  • Wednesday 5 March - Fatal assistance
  • Tuesday 18 March - When bubbles burst
  • Tuesday 1 April - Marta's suitcase
  • Tuesday 15 April - The defector - escape from North Korea
  • Monday 28 April - The Powerless

Film Reviews

Here are the reviews by Sunil Deepak of some of the documentary films that were part of this festival.


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