Arun Chadha From India Award winning Documentary Film-maker

Arun Chadha was born in Meerut (India) in 1950. After graduation in Arts, he studied at the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune. He is married and lives with his family in Gurgaon, NCR (India). Twice his films have won the national award for best documentary films in India and many of his films have been shown in many international festivals.

Since late 1980s, Arun has been active has been as a film-maker. Most of his works are documentaries, along with a few TV serials and series, all in non-fiction area. His only fiction work has been the TV serial "Kasturi Kundal Basey" based the autobiography of the well-known Hindi writer Maitreyi Pushpa in 2009.

Arun is very passionate about cinema. When not busy thinking about, writing or directing something, he is busy watching films and is a connoisseur of world cinema. He has been to innumerable film festivals and has been a part of the juries for different film festivals in different countries including the president of the jury for documentary films in the national film festival in India. Arun continues to be active even today. For example, in early 2023, he has been busy in writing a script about a film exploring the world of Sanskrit plays. However, this page includes information about his works till about 2011.

His film production house is called Cine Pulse. Email: arun.chadha(at)

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