Kalpana.it is a trilingual website in English, Hindi and Italian. It is a mix of personal web-pages and a webzine created mainly between 2001 to 2015, with contents dealing mainly with India and Italy. For more recent articles, you can check Sunil's Blog (opens in a new window).

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Under the English section of Kalpana.it you will the find the following articles, pictures and wallpapers:

Documentary Film-Makers: Arun Chadha, Mukul Kishore, Parvez Imam, Raja Dasgupta & Wajahat Kazmi

Documentary Film-Festivals: Mondovisioni 2014, Trans-sexual Film Festival 2014

Some Articles of Sunil Deepak about films

Writings: Om Prakash Deepak, Sunil Deepak, Archana Varma, Jugnu Shardey, Madhu Kamath, Margaret Skinner, Pyoli Swatija, Ranjana Srivastav, Intro about some Indian writers

Art, Theatre & Music: Amita Deepak, Anita Dube, Nicola Zamboni-Sara Bolzani, Ashwini Bhide Deshpandey, Bitrishki Babi

Images & Wallpapers: Images from different countries and Free Wallpapers (All images on Kalpana.it can be copied and used freely for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to have them in higher resolution, free of cost, write to sunil.deepak(at)gmail.com - for commercial use, I might ask you to donate something to some voluntary organisation. From my travels, I have thousands of more images, if you are looking for something specific, write to me. If I can, I am happy to help.)

Others: Indian and Bangla associations of Bologna


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